Facts About Drug Abuse

In this article, the main focus is going to be on the different types of drugs that are abused in modern society and their negative effects. We are going to look at the question in a general manner to give an overview.

Drugs which are abused are classified into various categories, depending on the effects that these drugs have on the human body.

These categories include but are not limited to:

Anabolic Steroids – This term refers to growth enhancement drugs. Their essential function is to trigger a form of rapid growth in the body of the user. This is done by catalyzing the operations which lead to growth in the human body.

When taken in excess, a situation which constitutes abuse, hence drug abuse, occurs.

The negative effects of this abuse are that different parts of the body begin to experience an abnormal and excessively fast rate of growth. For instance, a boy may begin to developing chest features which resemble female breasts.

Facts About Drug Abuse

Ecstasy Drugs – This category of drugs refers to the kind of substance which at the moment of taking generates intense feelings of euphoria and love for all those around, but which causes feelings of anxiety and fear in the users when the euphoric effects wear off. These feeling can last for days or even weeks after excessive drug abuse.

Inhalants – This category of drugs affects the respiratory system of the human body and inhalants are especially popular with people who have fallen quite deeply and dangerously into drug abuse.

The two methods of intake which are popular with drugs that fall under this category are smoking and snorting.

Drugs in this category are often found in the form of powder. The light density of powders makes them capable of floating in the air and they can be “snorted” through the nose or smoked.

Stimulants – This category of drugs is meant to enhance the functions, operation or performance of the user.

Examples of stimulants include caffeine and nicotine. An obvious example of a substance that contains caffeine is coffee.

Stimulant drugs affect the brain cells. They alter the body’s mode of operating and the functioning of the brain cells, thereby creating a different kind feeling or sensation in the rest of the body.

This phenomenon is enabled by the fact that the brain is linked to the Central Nervous System (CNS) in so far as information transmission is concerned. Therefore, the mode of operation of the brain being altered, the information transmitted to the nerves is altered and experienced differently.

One well known effect of coffee is that it can result in sleeplessness. The user’s system is stimulated because of the caffeine, and this causes the person to stay awake. Also, in relation to attention span, the brain switches to a different mode and becomes more alert and attentive than before the stimulant substance was taken. This enables a person to focus more. These are a few of the basic facts about drug abuse.