Is Inpatient Addiction Treatment Right for You?

Inpatient addiction treatment is an option for those struggling with drug problems as a concentrated, in-depth approach to healing from substance abuse. Inpatient rehab programs generally consist of short to long term stays within medical facilities where treatment is administered in the form of medication, counseling, and psychiatric therapy.

BedIs it right for me?

Inpatient rehabilitation is not for everyone; for some addicted individuals, it may be excessive due to their more mild “level” of addiction or associated cost factors. Inpatient treatment has a much higher success rate than its shorter, outpatient counterpart; because a patient is not only completely cut off from access to the abused substance, but also receiving full time treatment from rehab professionals, it is able to produce a much higher number of relapse-free, former drug addicts.

What distinguishes an “addict”?

Addictions come in different forms; however, an addict, in the way this article defines it, is someone who has developed a physical addiction to a substance. Some addictive substances are marijuana, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, cocaine, heroine, LSD, ecstasy, even nicotine; if an individual finds that their moods change, behavior degrades, and intense cravings occur from discontinuing use of these or other drugs, they may truly have an addiction.

While some individuals find that they, via their will-power and help from family and friends, are able able to “kick the habit” on their own; however, there also exists a type that finds themselves so “deep” in their own addiction that the possibility of stopping on their own seems impossible. For the individual that admits they need a helping hand in getting clean, a professional, in-patient addiction treatment program may be a fantastic option.

What will family and friends think?

While an addicted individual’s friends and family will be disappointed in their loved one’s actions, a measure of respect is afforded as the addicted are finally coming clean, recognizing their own addiction, and taking necessary actions to break their habit; individuals who sign up for inpatient treatment are making a public statement that they are finally ready to receive the help they need.

What happens inside of a inpatient rehab center?

Inpatient rehab centers offer a multi-faceted approach to a registered individual’s healing. When necessary, medication is sometimes administered to help calm cravings as one slowly learns to live without the toxic substance in their system; however, medication is only one component in a fully packaged treatment program. In addition to medication, psychological counseling is offered to help an individual get to the root of core causes of their addiction; when deep-seed issues are explored, talked-out, and resolved, addicted individuals will find it easier to go through their lives without relapse.

When it’s time to get help

If you or a loved-one is struggling with drug-addiction, inpatient treatment may be the solution. As there are hundreds of treatment centers across the nation that specialize in inpatient treatment, getting help is only a phone call away.