The Truth About Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has become a global menace in today’s modern society and in many cases this menace has led to the disfiguring and destruction of the fundamental fabric of society.

There is always a first step on any road, however long. The beginning of a habit of drug abuse often starts when a person is curious about the effects of taking such substances. The first experience leads to a second experience, then a third, a fourth and so a cycle is formed. This cycle is what is known as a habit.

When a habit has been formed, it can be quite difficult to break it. When it comes to drugs, the abuse of drugs in a manner which is consistent and constant leads to a situation referred to as dependency. This essentially means that the abuser of the drug cannot feel at peace if he or she fails to secure a regular supply of a particular drug.

The Truth About Drug Abuse

It is an interesting word ‘habit’. The word has five letters. When trying to get rid of a ‘habit’ , the person trying to break the cycle begins to erase the letters of the word one by one. In the word ‘habit’ the first one is ‘H’, followed by ‘A’ then ‘B’. Notice when one gets to this point, there are some letters left behind and they form a word. That word is ‘IT’ and ‘IT’ shows that the habit still remains.

Essentially, the above analogy shows that once a habit is formed, getting rid of it altogether will be no mean feat.

There are many reasons why people may engage in drug abuse, and those listed below are just a few of the most common ones:

Lack of Proper Guidance – This goes back to a person’s childhood. Often a big contributor can be the supposed role models in a young person’s life, mainly their parents. They cannot be held solely responsible, yet a lack of parental guidance and education can be a contributing factor.

If people abusing drugs have no conception of the wrongness of the drug taking, they will be unable to stop.

If they have never been warned or cautioned against the ill effects of drug abuse, they do not know about them. They might be aware of the negative effects but they disregard them.

Peer Pressure – This is a really common cause of drug abuse, especially among young people. It involves friends giving misrepresentations to other friends about drug use and exerting undue influence on them in order to coerce them in trying drugs.

Easy Access to Drugs – A person who can easily access drugs is bound to have toyed with the idea of consuming them at one time or another. The reasons behind such thoughts are varied, but the most obvious and common one is simple curiosity. A person will take the drugs which are readily available just to see what effects they may have. This can be termed as experimentation.