Using Addiction Recovery Groups for Recovery

Addiction recovery groups are instrumental in helping people to remain sober throughout the recovery process. In these groups, people are surrounded by their peers who have been in exactly the same situation, and it can mean the difference between success and failure when people are learning to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Narcotics Anonymous

Different people will benefit from different programs, and those with drug and alcohol problems have several options to choose from. One is Narcotics Anonymous. People can enter into the Narcotics Anonymous program for all sorts of substance abuse problems. They will learn the 12 steps that they will need to employ to remain sober, and they will work with a sponsor who has many years of experience staying on a sober path.

When people make the decision to become a part of Narcotics Anonymous, they will agree to the following:

  • The act of abstaining from their addictions is out of their control
  • They need a higher power to aid them in this journey toward sobriety
  • They will examine their past mistakes with their sponsors
  • They will apologize to those they hurt
  • They will live their lives differently than they had when they were entrenched in their addictions
  • They will make an effort to help others also addicted to drugs and alcohol

The Secular Organizations for Sobriety

The fact that Narcotics Anonymous requires that people submit to a higher power may not fit the needs of everyone. These people can also enter into an addiction recovery group for their problems with drugs and alcohol. The Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) do not make the requirement that everyone believe in a higher power.

The SOS method brings people together in a group that helps them retain their sobriety with the help of their peers. However, these group sessions promote the individual’s abilities to become a recovering drug and alcoholic addict. Unlike some treatment programs, this one does not make spirituality a factor in remaining sober. Those who succeed in abstaining from drugs and alcohol are congratulated for their own efforts, and the credit is not given to a higher power.

Self-Management and Recovery Training

Those hoping to abstain from drugs and alcohol with the help of an addiction recovery group have another option that keeps the focus on the individual’s efforts rather than a person’s spirituality. The Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) recovery group encourages people to remain sober by emphasizing the power they have within themselves to refrain from ingesting drugs and alcohol.

This program encourages people to remain sober by showing them they have the capacity to rely on their own decision-making process. They are also encouraged to decide to live their lives differently and to remain on the path that they have chosen. However, they will receive guidance for how they can keep from slipping back into their old destructive habits and how they can tolerate the urges they may have to take drugs and drink alcohol again.

Whether people need the help of a higher power or they would rather rely on their own devices, those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction have several groups waiting to take them in at this very moment. These groups can be beneficial anytime during recovery, whether during one’s stay at an inpatient treatment center, as they transition back into a society as an aspect of their aftercare plan, or perhaps in an outpatient program.